Aug 2, 2018 · 2 min read

You can take the Kiwi out of New Zealand, but not the New Zealand out of a Kiwi. TATAU.io’s new Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Josh Webb, is a prime example of that.

Taking the narrow-gauge mountain train from Chandigarh to Simla, India

Dunedin-born, Josh shifted to the big smoke (Auckland) where he got his first taste for the digital product innovation and development that would eventually take him all the way to New York City (and far beyond).

He spent the next decade running product for global companies such as CNN and Viacom, followed by a stint in the tech-Mecca of Palo Alto, becoming increasingly involved in the cutting-edge fields of enterprise artificial intelligence, IoT, and blockchain.

After all this time, Josh was primed for his return home, and has found his way to TATAU.io where he brings a wealth of experience to some key areas.

“TATAU.io does groundbreaking work that will enable the next step-changes in AI. It’s taking a real first-principles approach to computation. They have a very talented team of people and, when I was asked to come on board, it really was a no-brainer,” Josh said.

At TATAU.io, Josh is in charge of developing the commercial product offering and experience, while driving the go-to-market process.

Still though: why come back to NZ instead of remaining in the ‘biggest smoke’ of them all?

“New Zealand is a great place, as we all know, especially to bring up a family. More importantly though, I’m really enjoying the buzz that’s developed here over the years with a lot more startups thinking ‘global domination’ from the word go,” he said.

“That’s outward-looking attitude is crucial for New Zealanders and it’s refreshing after the United States, which tends to focus internally.”

Welcome to the team, Josh!


Distributed supercomputing platform


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Tatau is a blockchain-based, distributed platform that allows anyone to buy and sell computational capacity on decentralized, GPU-based machines



Distributed supercomputing platform

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