Meet Steve Cooper, Tatau’s New Chief Financial Officer

Jan 25 · 2 min read

Born in Auckland, a Papakura native, Steve kept his options open during his formative years but after initially focussing on maths and physics at Auckland University, he settled on business and has built a career as a financial leader ever since.

Steve’s professional experience includes TV3, Viasat Broadcasting in London and Stockholm. At Vodafone, he performed a series of Commercial Manager roles, before he transferred to Australia to complete his MBA. Thereafter he has held a number of CFO positions across a broad range of industries. In 2009, he returned to New Zealand to join DB Breweries/Heineken, New Zealand’s 2nd largest brewery and Kotahi Logistics, a technology and global freight innovation company.

Steve loves a good challenge and decided that working in a fast-paced startup would be a great adventure. He’s excited to join Tatau after exploring blockchain, predictive analytics and machine learning technologies in his previous role with Kotahi (applied across global ocean freight).

“When I first came across blockchain technology I immediately connected the dots with what we were doing and realised it was going to be a game changer across so many global industries,” said Steve. “I’m now excited to see how AI will continue to become a greater and more integrated part of our everyday lives.”

In his spare time, Steve is an avid football player for Eastern Suburbs (and a staunch Liverpool supporter over several decades). If not on the football pitch, you may find him out for a run, on a golf course or swinging a racquet down at Auckland’s ASB Tennis Center.

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