Summary of recent updates to the White Paper


We here at have released a revised version of our White Paper this week, and we wanted to provide a quick overview outlining the updates that we’ve made.

At a high level, we have:

  • Added more information about the Tatau API
  • Incorporated further detail about each of the Blockchain components of the Tatau platform, including expanding detail on the POA Network and BigchainDB
  • Included additional information about how customers can interact with the Escrow Contract
  • Clarified how Tatau will operate Validator Nodes
  • Added further detail around the purpose and structure of Partitioned Computational Requests
  • Updated the total token supply for the TATAU token to 7.5B from 10B, as well as our pre-sale allocation amount, reflecting the general market sentiment. This has also resulted in an updated token distribution breakdown
  • Updated the list of advisors to be as current as possible
Tatau Platform Architecture

As always, reach out if you have any questions, comments or feedback, and we’ll keep you in the loop with any further changes.


Andrew Fraser

CEO & Co-Founder