The Tatau Download From Tech XLR8

The Tatau team just returned from a very productive #TechXLR8 Asia in Singapore meeting new and existing suppliers, customers and partners. This year the overall event was a combination of tech events all held under one (resort-like) roof and it encompassed Consensus Singapore, The AI Summit, IoT World, and 5G Asia.

The changing crypto exchange landscape in Asia dominated discussions at Consensus, partly as a result of the appearance of, and keynote by, Founder and CEO of Malta-headquartered Binance, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao. CZ spoke about the rise of his exchange from relative obscurity to the world’s largest. During the keynote, CZ announced plans to launch a number of new fiat trading-pairs in key global financial capitals (starting in Singapore), in an effort to move towards a world where cryptocurrency is used for everyday payments.

At the AI Summit Dr. Ben Goertzel of SingularityNet shared his impressive vision for a unified collective of narrow AI agents working as a collaborative network. These agents could one day learn from, and outsource to, each other in order to improve and evolve more rapidly. In other words, each AI could use each other’s respective outputs as inputs for their own training and functionality. Dr. Goertzel believes this approach will lead us faster towards the ‘Singularity’ event, theorized by his contemporary, Ray Kurzweil, in which AI surpasses human intelligence.

One of the unpaid stars of the show was the robotic barista that, ironically, consistently had one of the longest queues of the event. If nothing else, this proved that people are always excited about robots and coffee, and combining the two presents the potential of exponentially increasing waiting times!

TechXLR8 Asia was both a positive and enlivening event during a time that many consider being the bottom of the market. It is becoming clear that despite fluctuations in price and hype around blockchain technology, companies offering real value with innovation and clear, achievable pathways to market are becoming standouts. At the same time, the ongoing, exponential impact of artificial intelligence continues unabated. These are the two key areas where Tatau’s platform sits and it’s an exciting time to be part of a true technological evolution.